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The Use of Beamed Interfering Radio Frequency Transmissions to Decompose Arctic Atmospheric Methane Clouds

It is recommended that several separated, low frequency radio transmitters with large parabolic reflectors transmit  powerful radio transmissions into the methane rich zone over the Siberian shelf and cause the methane to decompose almost immediately. Methane can be decomposed by radio waves with a frequency of 13.56 MHZ which is equivalent to a wavelength of 22.10858835 […]

Stratospheric Methane Global Warming Veil

Originally by Light, M.P.R., October 21, 2011, edited by Carana, S. By 2004 methane had formed a world encompassing stratospheric global warming veil between 30 and 40 km  heigh (0.7 ppm methane = 3 GT methane emissions) where the mean methane global warming effect was equivalent to about 70 ppm carbon dioxide (Figure 1)(Nassar et al. 2005; Light […]

Space Elevators

A Space Elevator consist of a cable extended into space, typically anchored at the Earth’s equator at one end, and with a counterweight attached at the other end. By extending the cable far enough into space, gravity can be overcome and the Space Elevator can remain stationary. A climber attached to the cable can be powered […]

Runaway warming

Earthquakes can dramatically accelerate global warming, by causing huge amounts of methane to be released from hydrates, making it imperative to look at geoengineering methods to reduce emissions, bring down atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and further reduce the risk of runaway global warming.

Methane linked to Seismic Activity in the Arctic

Temperature data are used to calculate methane emission points in the Arctic, pointing at methane hydrates disturbed by seismic activity as the likely source of high methane concentrations in the Arctic.

The Biochar Economy

The Biochar Economy offers a sustainable alternative to economic systems that fail to sufficiently take into account care for the environment and concerns for global warming.

Vortex towers could vegetate deserts

Plans to bring water and vegetation to deserts through vortex towers

Vortex towers are typically seen as ways to produce electricity. They could also help to vegetate deserts, in a number of ways. The vortex towers that I envisage would be a cross between the and the Solar Tower by Making a spiral groove inside the surface of the tower could enhance the vortex […]


Ten different ways to use biomass waste are compared for their ability to provide energy and for their climate change footprint.

Towards a Sustainable Economy

Feebates are the most effective way to facilitate the shift towards a sustainable economy

Feebates are proposed to facilitate a shift away from fossil fuel toward clean energy. Furthermore, fees are proposed on livestock products, nitrogen fertilizers, Portland cement and similar products with high emissions, to finance rebates on methods that can remove large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, such as biochar burial and olivine grinding.

Runaway Global Warming

Abrupt releases of large amounts of methane in the Arctic could trigger runaway global warming.

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