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The potential for releases from Arctic stores to cause runaway global warming

What is the chance of abrupt release of 15 Gt of methane in the Arctic? What would be the impact of such a release?


Arctic temperature anomalies September 2011

Temperature anomalies in the Arctic Below are temperature anomalies for the September 10, 2011, from the DMI Center for Ocean and Ice (arrows and location text added).  Below is an animation with temperature anomalies for the period September 8, 2011, to October 7, 2011.  [ note: animation is a 1.72 MB file and may take a […]

Thermal Expansion of the Earth’s Crust Necessitates Geo-engineering

Global warming causes thermal expansion of the Earth’s crust. In areas prone to seismic activity, this can cause submarine earthquakes and landslides. Shockwaves can disturb methane hydrates that are already more vulnerable due to temperature rises of the ocean. When large amounts of methane are abruptly released in shallow waters, there’s little opportunity for oxidation, and the methane can enter the atmosphere largely unchanged, while hydroxyl depletion can extend methane’s lifetime in the atmosphere. Abrupt releases of large amounts of methane would dramatically accelerate local warming, necessitating geo-engineering.

Ten most Electrifying Transport Ideas

Innovative ideas of using electricity in transportation

Electrification dominates the future of trains, planes, automobiles and other vehicles — the following innovative ideas in ten areas of transport show what the future of transport could look like.


A collection of knols on transport

Knols in this collection can cover one or more of the following areas:  1. Trains, railway tracks, railway stations, trams, light rail 2. Planes, helicopters, airports 3. Automobiles, trucks, buses, SUVs, vans, etc 4. Bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, tractors, lawnmowers, etc. 5. Roads, bridges, tunnels, parking  6. Batteries, hydrogen, fuel cells and other ways to power vehicles 7. EV recharging, Vehicle […]

America needs more wind turbines, onshore and offshore

There is an abundance of wind energy, with the potential to supply huge amounts of energy. Innovation can be expected to make wind energy ever more cost-competitive. Wind turbines can supply clean energy to power transport, while the batteries in electric vehicles can store surplus electricity, and feed this back into the grid at times of peak demand.

Ten Dangers of Global Warming

There are more dangers of global warming than a sea level rise of a few centimeters over many decades. There are at least ten dangers associated with global warming and the resulting changes in climate around the world, and what’s even more worrying is that there is a degree of progression in them.

  1. The potential for releases from Arctic stores to cause runaway global warming
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